Tuesday, 28 October 2014


What I have I got to tell you as bout this object that, you, do not already know from looking at it and from what we already know (look to collective brain mounted on other wall). Look at people reading or think of a few people reading this in the space. Architectural models or gallery plans without people in them, Helen and Peter, Dora and Robert (A taste the gallery).

What has this got to tell you about what you know of curved corners and devices of curved corners, not moulds or ramping hoovers or the vacuum that has; dismountable attachments, but as we know the curved walls and floors and the coming together. Or them is … ideally kept clean as there will be a wide range of eyes looking at it some with thin veneers of plastic (eye caps for the eyeballs looking) and others will just be looking through the moisture in the room the rumination and the curved skirting.

Skirting seems to be the best and most prominent word at the moment (subjective to challenges) that I can think of at the moment to dish the dish-scribe the way that the wall and the floor might meet in this manner. SHIFT+S

Not even
Net even meet but to continue on its paths or bankings or trajectory, or flight path is the path that a moving object follows through space as a function of time if it was placed in on or around the meeting room then people could not lean up against walls but the architectural delight might overcome the ramping of ones chair, leaning back on the chair, and there might be a joy in or with the thought that the room is a sealed or a continual skirting of the wall-ings.

It may also take the meeting to NEW HIGHTS and we may get and become the cause of much excellent ideas or criticism from the floor managers (now given the task of the skirting’s) about the ‘skirting’s’ and how a whole new cleaning routine was managed and prepared to navigate the skirintg’s and the cleanings heads of the henry hoovers were reefed back with silvery looking gaffe tape.

It was the conversation of choice by the many in the kitchen and when shuffling around the table one could not bank right into the corner to get and let the people past, to there chair, there was a strange SHIFT+S and 

Also installed in mathematic institutes across the global world, tweaked and to the delight of the mathematicians, the two shorter walls were created with right angles and the ramping skirting’s were always installed on the longer walls when the room was a perfect square [there was no skirting delighted in] the room alone was joy to the knowledge it was a square. The skirting was created in accordance to a famous curve and everyone enjoyed the curves despite being in the diagram of the curve and not in the flatland-ed space that the curved is usually looked at. By this they meant that usually you see curves from the graph from the side. To see this you would need to look and see it from the side. But the idea alone was delighted in and all was happy also the CPU and other electronic devices could not be pushed up to the wall and so enough airy was whisper around the back and the frounty of the machines. SHIFT+S

But with this perception and the delight in what. This room is full of curved skirting’s and things would happily roll into the middle of the room. In cars the foot room department is delighted with there skirting and the foot hole is curved SHIFT+S

With the foot Pedal department this iiS a space where the floor is skating up to stop the lodging of items behind the pedals. And the immediate of a crash caused.

No gaffe taped nozzles but the O shaped use of the O shaped hoover would make sure a build up did not happen. Shoes go here. Again you can not put things up against this shirting this is what and why is is it is here.

And with the machines and showrooms and places where things happen aside … puSHED aside to SHIFT+S … [1 min time frame] SHIFT+S